Christmas wish list 2021

Ho ho ho… it’s November and we know what that means. It is time for our annual wish list. This is the 7th year of doing it – wow! As ever we want to encourage you to #shopsmall if you are going to be purchasing new bits. We hope the below inspires you to either buy something now for a fellow swim buddy or add something from the below to your wish list.

As always there are several previous versions that will still be inspirational so feel free to check them out as well.







AND if you want something swimming to wrap them in, then this blog features some swimming festive wrapping paper:

Stocking Fillers

Twisted Felter

It pains me to say that I like this jellyfish despite my (Manda) aversion to jellyfish, but I do!


This magazine is nicely summarised as “A love letter to outdoor swimming in magazine form.” – which I think is all you need to know!

Rock and Salt Water

This would look great attached to any garment but especially on a changing robe.

The Black Pug Press

I seem to be forever losing my favourite enamel pins so these would be welcome new additions.

Naomi Waite

Can you ever have too many totes.. not me!

Michel-Ange-Lo Prints

A puzzle to keep swimmers occupied when they can’t be in the water!

Cold water swimming


I seem to spend ages looking for the “other glove” aka the one that is not where it should be/lost, so when I saw that these selkie mittens have a clip that keeps them together I was sold. They are also washable which is super helpful.



What’s better than mittens post cold water swim? Mittens AND a hot water bottle! This one is a double whammy as it stays close to your chest heating your core. If nothing else we love it for its name… a Cosymajig!


Do you suffer from cold feet when changing? No one needs their feet on the cold ground post a cold swim and also we don’t need to be washing towels more frequently than necessary because we’ve dumped them on the ground to avoid this. In steps this circular towel from decathlon. Thanks to Clare from Tooting Bec Lido for sharing where she got hers from!


Whilst we won’t endeavour to have an opinion on what the best changing robe is (there are way too many to choose from!), we have been on the search for the best changing towel. Some are just too thick for to carry around so you might as well as have opted for a changing robe and some are too thin that they aren’t going to protect you from the elements when changing. The selkie one is in the middle and as you can see from Katie’s face we approve!


Limpet Store

Technically not on the wish list this year as already in possession but too good not to share. They also do this on a tote and a toiletries bag with the same embroidered images.

Momma makes

This summer we got some Team Mermaids sweaters made by Momma Makes. We’ve included in case anyone wants one. (We don’t get anything when you buy them apart from the joy of knowing you are part of our extended gang!). Current discount code: BF40 for 40% off. Use the personalisation function on the above link.


The blurb re these joggers say:

Comfy sweats get even cosier with added HEATTECH and a lining made from super soft boa fleece.

  1.  Combining the moisture-wicking and heat retention of HEATTECH
  2.  Pile lining made from super soft boa fleece
  3.  Energy from water is converted to warmth
  4.  Fibres absorb water molecules released from the body

Convert water into heat… Sounds like a damp cold swimmer’s dream!

Mor Swimmy

This Tee is perfect for after a summer swim.

Swimadelica x Delicious Monster Tea

Swimadelica have a great range of items on their site that is a one stop shop for swimming gifts. This is a particular highlight from delicious monster tea.

Oh Give Me A Break

Gorgeous bags made from discarded wind breaks.


Becky Mackenzie

Becky has a range of these different bowls that will definitely add some joy to your pre swim porridge.

Brimble studio

Currently debating redesigning my bathroom around having space for this beauty!

Fiona Veacock

These kitch ceramics would be a welcome addition to the already bulging mug and bowl collection in my (Manda) household.


If I didn’t have feral children who would ruin this beauty it would be mine!

Sweat Tears and the Sea

This seems worthy of framing rather than using to dry dishes!


Beach of Brighton

Don’t be fooled by the name, they do a range of different locations for these lovely and useful tide chart prints.

Bec Hopkins

These prints have such great colour and vibrancy to them, they will be sure to brighten up any swimmer’s home.

The Wild Print Studio

North Coast Captured

These wonderfully capture the fun of outdoor swimming and cost as little as £5 for a postcard version!

Cornish Papercut Art

Swimming costumes

Usual Objections

Made in Hackney by a couple of Londoners. It was hard to select just one costume to include in our wishlist (Santa can we have them all please?) but this purple leopard print number is right up our street/lane.


Watermelon sugar hiiiiiigh! A fun costume for fun times.


Been eyeing these up since Funkita started teasing us with their flying start range. Please Santa!


Hattie’s hats

Local Tooting resident Hattie’s hats have an ever expanding range of gorgeous flower topped swimming hats. Check them out through instagram.

Fiona Chivers

If you feel up to the challenge of making yourself one then Fiona sells kits to make these lovely hats. Might be a step too far for us right now but maybe one day!

Washed and Found

How cracking are these necklaces made from collected sea plastics and fishing nets.

Luxury Items

Watergate Bay

Pilates is great for swimmers so why not combine the 2 on a luxury break to Watergate Bay!

Amar and Riley

This had to be in luxury items because of the price (and no one should buy this for me due to my aforementioned ability to lose enamel pins but what a beauty!)

Alexia Peck

Having both enjoyed trips to norfolk this candle would be a welcome reminder of these adventures. Albeit, I have come to realise that I (Manda) didn’t actually get in the sea. Ha!


Team Mermaids alum Abby suggested this and I can see why.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the list. See you next year!

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