Team Mermaid’s Christmas wish list 2019

Once again that time of year is edging closer and you might want to think about dropping some hints to your nearest and dearest, so we are here with some suggestions for your perusal.  We have tried where possible to stick to independent businesses and environmentally friendly products, but the choice is yours.  Enjoy!

Previous Years here: 2018 ; 2017 ; 2016 ; 2015

Winter Swimming Essentials

Smoc Smoc

We know most people lust after a well known changing robe brand, however, it seems like the tide is turning as we have been hearing lots of great things about Smoc Smoc and even the great Sarah Thomas has one.

If you buy direct with Smoc Smoc and mention “Christmas Mermaid” prior to 31/12/2019 then you can get the drying robe for £85 rather than the normal RRP of £98.



Like we said… ESSENTIALS.  If I don’t get these for the walk between the pool and the sauna at the lido then me and Santa are through.


Wyatt and Jack

This bag is made entirely from up cycled bouncy castle vinyl PVC… yes ex-Bouncy Castles.  The mermaid tote is perfectly large enough for all your winter swim essentials. (Note: there is currently a 3 week waiting list, so get your order in NOW if you want it for Christmas!)

mermaid tote

Seymour Ceramics

After cold swim you need a massive mug of tea and these mugs are perfect for that.  The lady who makes these is a Jersey sea swimmer so understands the importance of post swim tea (and cake!).  Orders taken through her facebook page here:

Annotation 2019-11-10 201010.png


The Dipping Society

From our lovely insta-friends Madi and Kim, who heroically swam everyday for a year outside to raise for Mind.  The proceeds from any The Dipping Society sales go to Mental Health charities.


Outdoor Swimming Society – Zeno’s club

OSS have launched a new virtual swim club for those who will swim outdoors over the winter.  This hoody and t-shirt feature the fantastic club logo and will ensure you are warm post Zeno swim.

Little Loves Cornwall

How many layers are too many layers post winter swim… N+1 when N is how many you are already wearing, so here is another jumper we want in our lives.  Additionally, this jumper comes in both adult and baby/children sizes and the the main part of the jumper can be done in a variety of colours.  (See further down for other kids’ items in this print).

If you sign up for the newsletter you will get 15% off your first order.


Mermaid Gang

Want to be in the gang then here is the t-shirt.


Swimming Costumes

Stomp the Pedal

Manda’s choice.  Why choose one swimming costume for the wish list, when you can choose many! We featured Stomp the Pedal on last year’s wish list blog but Tarsh (female owner of the brand) has come up with more fantastic prints this year so we’ve added them all again.

If you use code: STPLOVESME you will get 10% off swimwear.


Katie’s choice is this Speedo number.  We have 3 friends who have it in a different colour and they all rave about it whilst looking absolutely gorgeous.


Deakin and Blue

The classic D&B costumes are still around but new style and new colours mean there will definitely be one on your wish list this year.   All D&B costumes come in a 3 different bust sizes so every cup size is covered.

Rosie has even got a gift package ready to purchase, that includes £100 D&B voucher, so significant others have no excuse!



When you can’t swim…. read about swimming!

Taking the Plunge

“Taking the Plunge celebrates the remarkable wild swimming community” – sounds great to us!–The-Healing-Power-of-Wild-Swimming-for/24080885

Annotation 2019-11-10 1900.png

A boy in the water

Team Mermaids alum Mollie P thoroughly recommends this book and implored us all to get a copy asap.  Tom works at the same company as Katie so we are hoping to “interview”* him soon.

*Fan girl over tea/coffee.

boy in the water

Ask me why I’m Stood here

We asked the Lido Guide (See last year’s wishlist) ladies for some recommendations for this year’s wishlist and they thoroughly recommended this book.

Annotation 2019-11-10 195427b.png


With 3 boys between the 2 of us, we can’t really forget the children this year.

Little Loves Cornwall

Manda is a massive fan of Little Loves Cornwall and this print is EPIC.  It can be made into any number of things.  Manda might have dressed her son in the leggings WITH the t-shirt one day….

little loves

The Dipping Society

So the children can be part of the Dipping Society as well:


Mini Rodini

Why is this not available in our size??

Annotation 2019-11-10 201459.png

Stocking fillers

It wouldn’t be a Team Mermaids wish list without some nail polish.  This year’s selection contains: Lady of the lake, Lake of shining waters and Vitamin Sea.  They are all perfect nail varnishes for Outdoor Swimmers who like to ensure their nails match their surroundings.

and…..If want to jazz up your nails further then Josie introduced us to these:

Annotation 2019-11-02 151832

Wolf and Badger

We love an enamel pin as a stocking filler (See previous years) and this one would sit perfectly alongside the ones already adorning my (Manda) rucksack.

Annotation 2019-11-02 125028

Sole Smith

Who said it has to be Mummy and Me… Could be Katie and me 😉


Lisa Angel

This mug comes highly recommend by our friend Lisa.  It looks a beaut!

Race / Swim Momentos

You’ve trained for months, finally done the swim and now can walk around smug! But make sure you never forget your achievements with one of these great prints.

Flotsam Prints

Made by a fellow outdoor swimmer, these are great subtle momentos of the Dart 10k or the Bantham Swoosh.

Race Trace Prints

Originally this company did just running race prints, but then the fab runner-Mermaid Becca (@redfacerunner) asked them to do one for Coniston after she did it in 2018 and they happily obliged.  She then asked for Jubilee River and then Windermere and they did both.  On that basis I would suggest that any race you’ve done and want to commerate they will be happy to work with you to create a print.

Extended offer – Use Code ‘RT10’ at checkout for 10% off any order (available at time of publication).

Outdoor Swimming Society

If you fancy a different take on the swoosh or Dart from those above from Flotsam Prints, then these by Anthony Oram are on sale on OSS shop.

oss print

Nancy Farmer

If you have ever done Swim Serpentine then this is the one for you.  Nancy’s annual outdoor swimming calendar is also already on sale on her Etsy site alongside her infamous swimming caps.


Suzanna Swims

These great patches are a great way to remember some Lake District adventures.

Annotation 2019-11-10 195427


Lisa Angel

We love a subtle nod to our outdoor swimming life and these are perfect for that.



Coco Ellie

mermaid earrings

Luxury items

Real Swim Adventures

Run by the beacon of joy that is Dan Abel, formerly a summer resident of Tooting Bec Lido.  Dan bid us a fond farewell at the end of the summer season and this time he won’t be returning next June.  Attending one of these holidays would be a double whammy… seeing Dan + Swimming in what looks like the most beautiful waters in the world.

Annotation 2019-11-11 213905


St Lucia.  Open Water Swimming.  Keri-Anne Payne.  Perfect Holiday

Annotation 2019-11-10 192106a.png

Chill Swim

Ullswater End to End swim – we’ve actually both entered this already so we aren’t asking for it for Christmas but you might want to!

Annotation 2019-11-10 195158.png

Stella McCartney

These are for kids but a small head might get away with them..

Annotation 2019-11-10 192106.png

That’s all for 2019! Have a great Christmas!

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