Celebrating Lee Barry 50

Post Lee Barry 50!

For us our Friday morning swim and breakfast at Look Mum No Hands with the Friday Morning Gang is the highlight of our weeks.  It was therefore with a heavy heart that we said goodbye to everyone after what was to be our last ‘before’ swim in early March.

In the hazy early days of lockdown when you didn’t know what day of the week it was and you certainly had eaten too many biscuits it become clear to us that we need to get back into an exercise routine.  Manda therefore suggested to Lee – one of the gang – that he ran exercise class for us over zoom on Friday mornings in place of our swim.  Lee Barry was born!

It was with some trepidation that we met for our first session in March.  Lee certainly put us through our paces that day and the video of Allison trying to walk upstairs the next day was hilarious.  We loved it so much we soon extended it to Tuesday mornings too.

Today – Tuesday 29th September – is our 50th Lee Barry class.  Over the last 50 classes we have all learnt to love squat jumps but still no one can do a hollow body hold properly.

I don’t even want to imagine what lockdown would have been like without having Lee Barry to look forward to twice a week and getting to see the gang – even if it was over zoom. 

Lee – we love you and we are so grateful to you for all the time, energy and enthusiasm you have given to making us so much fitter and for giving us six packs even (if they are hidden under a layer of Oreos and alcohol).

We asked the gang what their favourite moments or sayings of Lee Barry have been and what it has meant to them:

“It has been a goal of mine for three years to break 3 hours in a Marathon – 40 LeeBarrys later and I joined the 2 club.  Undoubtedly Lee Barry was a key part of building the muscular strength and injury prevention need to achieve this goal.  Woohoo and thanks!!!” Darrel

“Being told I am not average!” Katie

“We didn’t get up at 6am to quit now…there’s a time for sexy hips and its not now!” David

“Suggesting Lee Barry was a bit of a joke and I honestly thought it would probably happen once or twice and then everyone would flake off but I’m so pleased I did because Lee bringing us together for friends and fitness has been a life line and despite the fluctuations in restrictions and the mental strain that causes Lee Barry has been constant. Lee’s enthusiasm and professionalism (despite not doing this as a job.. although he should!) is what has meant we are still all here (with some additional members) 50 sessions later. Thanks Lee for everything and never stop making us listen to Gaga twice a week! X” Manda

“Thanks for nothing Lee” Dan after a particularly hard session.

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