Goals for the next decade

Katie thoughtfully put together a blog on the top 5 highlights of the first 10 years of Team Mermaids (see here) and I (Manda) thought it would be nice to put some goals down for the next 10 years.

Life throws you curveballs and we’ve both experienced our ups and downs over the last so it would be unrealistic to think we will achieve them all but I hope we can at least complete 1.

1. Geneva end to end

We know the distance. We know the time it roughly takes. We know we want to do it. We don’t know when and with whom. We had said originally that we would do when we turn 40 but with that (fast) approaching it seems like it might be a more 45 thing.


2. NY swim solo (side by side obviously!) We’ve done the relay, we know the drill. Time to get in and face the east river monster one more time.

3. Catalina Channel This is more Katie’s aspiration than mine. Her goal for the next 10 years is to persuade me to do it! Or I am happy to be her boat support for when she does it solo! Go Katie! 

catalina channel

4. Windermere end to end side by side We’ve both done Windermere solo but not at the same time (thanks to pregnancies and injuries). I was so happy when Katie did hers as it never felt right that she wasn’t part of the Windermere solo gang and I was so proud of her doing it so soon after having her second son. One day I’d love to go back and swim it side by side.

5. Jersey -> Guernsey swim

This is something that has picked my interest for the last 10 years. I’m from Guernsey (my dad is from Guernsey) but I was born in Jersey (my mum is from there) so the Jersey to Guernsey swim would represent both sides of my family and the joining of the 2. I would love Katie (and potentially others) to join me in a relay for the swim.


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