Christmas essentials

We love championing independents through our Christmas wishlist blog every year. And this year we thought we’d also extend this to include a run down of where you can source swimming themed Christmas essentials: cards, decorations and wrapping paper.

Flotsam Prints

Previously featured in our Christmas wishlist blog, Flotsam prints have some lovely Christmas cards that are worthy of framing.

Lu Cornish

Wrapping paper and cards. The double whammy right here.

Rock and Saltwater

Need something to show your love for swimming on your tree, look no further. This cute little wooden decoration is the one.

They also stock these lovely christmas cards.

Lu at Keswick

Have a whole gaggle of swim friends to send cards to or want to inspire some other friends to jump in the water, well Lucinda has packs of 10 cards. Gorgeous.

Danielle Butler

Mermaid themed Christmas card. Sign us up! Her non mermaid ones are also fantastic.

Stamped by Elle and Bee

A silver mermaid for your tree is surely a must and one that will never go out of fashion.

Plump for Joy

Wrapping paper! Hoorah. and gorgeous matching cards. Someone might have already purchased some of the wrapping paper.

Sue McDonagh

Sue says:

Lucky enough to live close to the coast in South Wales, In April this year I joined a local group of swimmers who throw themselves into the sea (without wetsuits) several times a day throughout the year. Following a traumatic incident earlier in the year, sea swimming has helped to heal my mind, brought me wonderful new friends and laughter. I absolutely love starting the day leaping over waves as the sun rises

Juliet Turnbull

Juliet has a great selection of Christmas themed goods including this spectacular mermaid decoration.

Andrea Hall Design

Andrea Hall has like Flotsam featured in the main mermaid wish list and this card shows why.

Glitter and Earth

How cute is this card?!

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