Where does your swimming costume come from?

Recently there has been an uptick in swimming brands using environmentally positive materials in their swimwear or creating a sub branch of their main brand dedicated to recycled material. Along with hopefully the rest of you, we are becoming more and more interested and aware of where our swimming stuff is coming from. With that... Continue Reading →


OSS Bantham Swoosh 2019

After a tense entry process that resulted in probably less than half the people we knew who wanted a spot (including Katie) not getting into the 2019 edition of the Outdoor Swimming Society’s Bantham Swoosh, I (Manda) felt privileged to be heading down to Devon (even if I originally thought it was in Dorset) on... Continue Reading →

The Fix Splash 2019

This event was a little while ago but things have been super busy at Team Mermaids HQs so we both forgot about writing this up..Better late than never right?! The Fix Splash is held at the West Reservoir Centre in Stoke Newington. These races are great "training" races meaning that they are not going to... Continue Reading →

Mallorca 2019

One December evening after a few too many espresso martinis, there was a realisation that 2019 was going to be a BIG year for the gang we swim with an ironmonger row on Friday mornings. 2 marriages involving 3 of the group One 50th One 40th and quite frankly when you are knee deep in... Continue Reading →

The Ponds – film review

As a year round swimmer on the other side of the Thames to the Hampstead ponds and a regular visitor to the ponds, I (Manda) was keen to go see "The Ponds", a film documenting a year with the people that swim at the Hampstead ponds.  There have been a lot of showings of the... Continue Reading →

Festive caps and cossies 2018

Here is our list for 2018 festive caps, cossies and other bits we have seen on offer! Born to Swim They've added some new designs for this year and they are beauts! You can use discount code: MERMAIDS for 15% off https://borntoswim.eu/products/christmas-holiday-silicone-swim-cap-limited-edition?variant=12764204400739 https://borntoswim.eu/products/christmas-microfiber-towel-limited-edition?variant=12764259975267   12 swims 4 mum The proceeds from these caps go to... Continue Reading →

A Mermaid’s Christmas Wish List 2018

Every year we send each other loads of messages saying "WANT".  Normally these things are either swimming, cake or nail varnish related!  As usual we are sharing the swimming things (with maybe some guest appearances of the other categories) with you (/our husbands...) so that you might get some inspiration of what to put on... Continue Reading →

Lake Annecy 2018

During our stay in Talloires on the shores of Lake Annecy, we did a couple of DIY lake swims.  Nothing too strenuous as they were either side of our 5k race (see here). We ended up staying in Talloires rather than Annecy itself mostly because me and Brian visited it last year when we were... Continue Reading →

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