100 x 100m – 2016 edition

This Sunday (5 February 2017) Team Mermaids and friends are going to attempt the legendary 100x100m set. I (Katie) have been reminiscing therefore about the last time we did this set at the preparation. 50 x 100m at Charlton Lido On 20th February 2016 Manda and I went down to Charlton for a warm up... Continue Reading →


Cash for Gold

When I am not being a mermaid my (Katie) day job is being an executive compensation consultant.  I recently wrote this article for our newsletter about the incentives in sport and I thought you guys might enjoy it. The 2016 Rio Olympic Games saw Michael Phelps win his 23rd Gold and his 28th Olympic medal. ... Continue Reading →

Winter Challenge 2016/17

So it's the 30/9 and that means tomorrow is the start of the Team Mermaids' winter challenge. After last year's distance extravaganza we are going a little bit more fun but there are still some distance challenges involved. So we will have until April 30th to get as many points as possible by doing the below tasks.... Continue Reading →

Essential open water kit

These are the bits of kit we always have in our bags over the summer. Goggles We have long been fans of the zoggs predator flexes and have multiple pairs each depending on the weather conditions we are swimming in.  As previously mentioned we keep some for racing best to ensure they aren't going to... Continue Reading →

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