Winter Challenge 2016/17


So it’s the 30/9 and that means tomorrow is the start of the Team Mermaids’ winter challenge. After last year‘s distance extravaganza we are going a little bit more fun but there are still some distance challenges involved.

So we will have until April 30th to get as many points as possible by doing the below tasks.  Photographic evidence is strongly encouraged so look out for our photos over the coming months.

From previous experience we know that certain team members like using a technicality or two to win so none that jiggery pokery will be allowed and committee’s say is final. We will happily Dq people or have points penalties for any such activities. The challenge is there for us to have fun as a team so anything going against the spirit of the challenge will be penalised accordingly!

Feel free to join us by seeing how much points you can collect or just try and tick off as many of the challenges as possible.



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