100 x 100m – 2016 edition

This Sunday (5 February 2017) Team Mermaids and friends are going to attempt the legendary 100x100m set. I (Katie) have been reminiscing therefore about the last time we did this set at the preparation.

50 x 100m at Charlton Lido

On 20th February 2016 Manda and I went down to Charlton for a warm up 50 x 100m session.  We swam off the following intervals for anyone thinking of doing the set.

Reps Distance Goal time Rest Total
10 100m 1.40 10 secs 1000m
10 100m 1.36 15 secs 1000m
10 100m 1.33 20 secs 1000m
10 100m 1.30 25 secs 1000m
10 100m 1.33 – 1.40 Off 1.50 1000m
Total 5000m

64 x c.110m at Oasis outdoor pool

Given that I was almost about to collapse after 50 x 100m I thought it would be advisable to maybe try and build up gradually rather that jumping straight in to an additional 50 reps. I therefore managed to persuade Brian to do 70 x 100m with me a few weeks later.  Due to it being Swimathon weekend pool times were somewhat restricted so we swam in the outdoor pool at Oasis.  This pool is 30 yards long so we ended up actually swimming 64 x c.110m for 7,022m.  Those additional 10m feel loooong I tell you.

I think Brian was smoking something he shouldn’t have been with the first intervals he suggested but I managed to talk some sense into him and we swam off the following times.

Count Distance What 110m pace equiv 100m pace Recovery Total
10 110 Warmup 01:46 01:37 10 secs 1100
10 110 Easy 01:43 01:34 10 secs 1100
10 110 Moderate 01:39 01:31 10 secs 1100
4 110 Hard 01:36 01:29 10 secs 440
Toilet break
10 110 Hard 01:39 01:31 10 secs 1100
10 110 Moderate 01:43 01:34 10 secs 1100
10 110 Easy 01:46 01:37 10 secs 1100
Total 7040

We made it through although I was pretty tired by the end!

100 x 100m at Charlton Lido

On 16th April 2016 it was finally time for the big one – 100 x 100m.  We headed back to Charlton Lido as what better place to swim that an outdoor headed 50m pool.

We swam off 1 minute 50 reps aiming for the following times:

Block Target time
1 1m 40s
2 1m 37s
3 1m 35s
4 1m 31s
5 1m 28s
6 1m 40s
7 1m 37s
8 1m 35s
9 1m 33s
10 1m 40s

As ever the set was a massive challenge but also lots of fun.

Wish us luck for the weekend! If anyone is keen to come and join us we will be therefore from 9am.  Check out the blog shortly for 100x 100m the 2017 edition!

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