The Fix Splash 2019

This event was a little while ago but things have been super busy at Team Mermaids HQs so we both forgot about writing this up..Better late than never right?!

The Fix Splash is held at the West Reservoir Centre in Stoke Newington. These races are great “training” races meaning that they are not going to be the season’s A race but a good way to get in open water race practice, especially at the beginning of the season when you are unlikely to have been in open water over the winter or even less likely to have raced in open water.


The reservoir is difficult to swim at outside of the organised events because you need to have completed an induction before you can just turn up for a normal swim session.  The inductions are notoriously booked up as soon as dates are announced and if you are only planning to swim there a couple of times a year it isn’t going to be worth it. You don’t need an induction to do an organised event there of which the Capital Tri events is one (see also: secret adventures).

With our last minute sign up (another positive about this event!) we headed up to North London the Sunday morning and met David and Nils who were also swimming in the 3k event that morning, however, they would be in later wave because Capital Tri had split the men and women into different waves. There was also the option to swim in a 1500m or 750m race…why hadn’t we done that?!

Katie and I got in the water and we had our usual chat when one of us is faster than other, which has been the case for a few years now due to pregnancies and injuries.

Me: I’ll see you at the end.

Katie: I’ll swim with you.

Me: No it’s fine aka please leave me alone so I can swim slowly 😉

The race was started and we were off…together! We would have to swim 4 laps of the 750m course to get to 3km… manageable. This race came off the back of Mallorca and swimathon so I knew it was fine to get to that distance despite the general lack of training but just how hard could I push it to get there without ruining myself (there is a whole day to get through afterwards with a toddler 😉 ) was unknown.

Well with Katie by my side, who is faster than me (even when she did gracefully take the outside line) and the garmin lap timing keeping me honest, we bagged a respectable time (even if David doesn’t think so!). It might not have been the best performance but the lap times were consistent, as you come to expect from the queens of pacing, which is always a positive.

We ended up coming 4th and 5th female in the event, with Katie of Cally masters winning overall with a time of sub 40 minutes and even pipping the super sonic David and Nils – amazing!

Also a shout out to Friday morning regular Laura who swam the 3k skins. They claimed the water was 17 but the air temperature was crispy so well done Laura!

We then had a quick breakfast from the café there and headed back down Sarrrrrf. A great way to start a Sunday!

The next Fix Splash is Sunday 21st July. We would have been at club to pub night before so won’t be there, but if you fancy it ..DO IT!

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