A Mermaid’s Christmas wish list

The festive season is fast upon us and if any mermaids are looking for ideas of what to ask Santa for, we have done some research for you!

Gift ideas get more expensive as the days of Christmas progress!

First day of Christmas:

A nice little stocking filler that brightens up any outfit, bag or hat.

“I’d rather be a Mermaid” badge

“Support your local lido” patch


or if badges aren’t your thing what about temporary tattoos.  I (Manda) think these are so cute and could easily be worn where only seen when swimming.. but then that would be waste!

Mermaids tattoo

Vintage swimmer tattoo


Second day of Christmas:

Now at Team Mermaids, despite our love of water, we are not all that keen on washing up but this tea towel is so cute we couldn’t resist.

Bathing beauties tea towel


Post cold swim every mermaid needs a cup of tea and this tea pot makes every cup of tea taste better.. we hope!

Swimmer Teapot


Third day of Christmas:

How about a bit of swimspiration, whether be pool based:

Dara Torres: Age is just a number – Dara’s tale of making a coming back and competing at the Olympic Games aged 42 just two years after having had a baby.

Or open water based:

Lynn Cox: Swimming to Antarctica – Lynn’s extraordinary story of her cold water swimming adventures culminating in her swim across the Bering Strait at the high of the cold war.

Both of these ladies are Team Mermaid’s heroines and their books are a fantastic read. (Reviews here)

Fourth day of Christmas:

It’s winter time so that means any excuse to wear a Pivo hat (The hats knitted by our friend Paul “Pivo” Tannahill) but because not everyone can get their hands on the exclusive Pivo hat here is an alternative



A Team Mermaids swim cap is a must! Contact us if you want one (cost = small donation to charity of Team mermaids choice)


Fifth day of Christmas:

It has to be the Team googles – Zoggs predator Flexes.  You can never have too many pairs.  Team Mermaids have never been able to justify the cost of these special light reactive pair (which go from clear to tinted depending on the level of sunlight) but it is Christmas after all!

ZOGGS predator flex reactors


Sixth day of Christmas:

No Christmas stocking is complete without a new costume.  I (Manda) am not sure I could pull this off… I mean who can but what a costume:

Pizza costume


If you are looking for something a bit more classic (i.e. something that wouldn’t cause Katie to disown Manda) choose something like this:

Speedo costume


If we were to compromise on our tastes in costumes we might end up with something like this:

Urban kitty costume


For our Mermen readers how about these? (Chosen by Brian)

Top Bloke trunks


Seventh day of Christmas:

Mermaids need to keep wrapped up warm when they are not in the water and what could be more perfect that this scarf with swimmers on!

Silk swimmer scarf


Eighth day of Christmas:

Sticking with accessories and out of the water clothing, Early Bird swimmers do some really nice gear and these tanks and t-shirts are perfect for swimmers.

Female tank

Male t-shirt


Also check out these t-shirts from lost lanes which are a fun alternative.

Mean girls mermaid t-shirt

I’m really a mermaid t-shirt


Or if you are a little sadistic you might fancy this skirt.

Jellyfish skirt


Ninth day of Christmas

Mermaids need plenty of bags to carry their stuff around.  If yours is looking a bit scruffy these are the perfect replacement.

Vintage swimmer tote


Vintage beach tote


This is our favourite rucksack for lugging our kit around.  Manda, Katie and Kate all have this one in different colours!

Speedo Rucksack


Tenth day of Christmas:

For those winter days when you want to reminisce about amazing summery lido swims..help those memories along with these gorgeous prints:

Lido time print


Brockwell Lido print


or if you fancy something a little bit more “motivational mermaid” like then here is our fav:

“Always be a Mermaid” print


Eleventh day of Christmas:

Team mermaids have been lusting after a Blue Seventy Sleeveless Helix.  Hopefully Santa is feeling generous..

Sleeveless Helix


Twelfth day of Chrtistmas:

After our trip to Slovenia with Strel there was a lot of chat about this trip.  Unfortunately due to various reasons none of us have made it out to the US for the trip.  One day!

Lake Powell with Strel Swimming


Swimtrek used to do a trip to Finland, which sounded amazing but sadly they stopped before any of us (apart from Suz) made it on the trip.  I (Manda) recently found this company who offer trips in Finland so something that I definitely want to do in the future.

Swimming Holiday Finland


Let us know if you have any other Christmas ideas..until then Happy Holidays!


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