A Mermaid’s Christmas Wish list 2017

Once again we thought we would share with you the items we will be putting on our wish list for this Christmas, so that you can either add them to you own list or buy something for your swimming BFFs.

As usual there is a mixture of the fun and fabulous and the affordable to damn right aspirational.  Something for everyone’s budget we hope and even a few US entries for our stateside friends. BIG DISCOUNT CODES IN RED

Old Wish lists here: 2016 & 2015

Day 1 – Stocking Fillers:

There is something very cute about enamel pins.  You can easily build a collection of swimming related ones for your rucksack so here are a few to get you started:






If you are more pizza than mermaid (you can be both) then try this patch:

2017-10-16 19_35_06-Will Swim for Pizza Patch – RORY LUXhttps://www.rorylux.com/collections/accessories/products/will-swim-for-pizza-patch

Day 2 – Bags:

Some days you don’t want to lug your massive great big bag with you to swimming and you just want something smaller to carry your towel and cossie in.  In this case you need look no further that these lovely bags by Kelly Connor designs.

Our favourite is this personalised initialled mermaid tote – we think they are totes amazing.  If you are looking for something slightly bigger though this ‘swim’ bag would be perfect.

The lovely people at Kelly Connor designs have given Team Mermaids a discount code for 10% off when you order through the website (www.kellyconnordesigns.com).




Day 3 – Costumes:

We’ve lusted after these Natatio costumes since first seeing them on Instagram.  I’m (Manda) the lucky owner of an Xena costume already but hoping that santa might drop one of the Navy blue ones down the chimney this Christmas.

USE CODE: MERMAIDS for 10% off until 30th Nov 2017


Likewise we have seen many a lovely lady rocking Deakin and Blue on social media and the fabulous Emma Watson and Alice Gartland have both looked stunning in their one pieces down at the lido over the summer.

Rosie who owns Deakin and Blue has given us an awesome discount to pass on to you:



What a range!  These QSWIMWEAR pieces definitely would brighten up any pool, lake, lido or ocean.  They also have festive ones available to order now.

Until 12/11/17 USE CODE: PRESALE17 for 45% OFF

After 12/11/17 USE CODE: off20 for 20% OFF



Now not forgetting the men, Brian has done his annual pick of Funky Trunks for us.  A great choice!

2017-11-04 18_36_01-Funky Trunks Water Warrior Plain Front Trunk _ Simply Swim UK


Day 4 – Books

//Wild Swimming//Flora Jamieson//

Flora sold out of the first set of these and kindly let us know that she now has them back in stock, so get a copy while you can!

An introduction to wild swimming.  With practical advice and safety tips, as well as inspiring quotes and useful resources, this guide is perfect for those wishing to dip their toe into the glorious pursuit of wild swimming in lakes, rivers, pools, waterfalls and sea.

2017-10-16 19_28_36-Wild Swimming Book — Flora Jamieson


//Swimming Pool//Maria Svarbova//

Anyone who follows Maria Svarbova on social media will know that her Swimming Pool photos series is truly magnificent and now the photos are all handily together in this book.

(Note: we have put a link to Foyles.  Where possible we would always encourage you to buy from your local independent bookshop)


Day 5 – Hot Beverages!

At Team Mermaids we love a cup of tea – anything from English Breakfast to Earl Grey to those funny fruity teas Brian likes to drink.  Now as everyone knows that to maximise enjoyment from a cup of tea, you need the perfect mug.

We love these personalised mermaid mugs complete with motivational message from HenDog designs and this 99% mermaid mug from Gilbert and Stone Ceramics both available at www.notonthehighstreet.com.



For those post-lido winter-day cups of tea you need a thermos cup to keep your tea warm as long as possible.  We love this Selkie thermos.



We would also recommend this SLSC reusable cup which come in blue, green, red and yellow and are available for purchase most weeks after the Sunday morning races for £6.


Finally, some tea to put in these mugs, although this tea is better suited for glass than mug as it changes colour!



Day 6 – Clothing:

We wish the Michael Phelps one had Laszlo and Chad there as well and they were all holding hands (Best Olympic moment EVER!), but this will do instead.

Also, Spice Girls as Mermaids… WHAT IS NOT TO LIKE!




2 sweaters for your perusal.  We might take a marker pen to the “Life’s a beach” one and amend it to Lido.



All these lovely tops will go beautifully with these “striking” leggings:

2017-10-16 19_30_15-Swimmer Vintage Leggings _ Zazzle.co.uk



Day 7 – Nail Varnish:

Our third greatest mutual love behind swimming and cake is nail polish.  No Christmas wish list would therefore be complete without new additions to our vast collection.

I (Katie) am obsessed with pICTURE pOLISH which is an Australian based brand.  One of the really cool things they do is collaborate with bloggers to create new and interesting polish colours.  pICTURE pOLISH recently collaborated with blogger Nailland to create this gorgeous sparky green colour called Mermaid!  We love it!  pICTURE pOLISH is available in the UK via Rainbow Connection which also sells lots of other indy nail polishes.

2017-10-16 19_43_05-MERMAID _ Rainbow Connection


We also love this thermo reactive purple polish from Bow Polish.  Perfect for telling us really how cold we are in the lido!

2017-10-16 19_42_53-Bow Polish - Conversion - Thermo Top Coat Violet _ Hypnotic Polish


Now you have all this nail polish what you need is something stylist to store then on your travels.  You need look no further than this mermaid make up bag.


Day 8 – Swimming Caps:

Obviously the best cap out there is the Team Mermaids last cap.  If you want one of the limited run we have, they cost £5 donation to charity. Email us at hello@teammermaids.com for further details.


We also think this one is ace:

2017-11-04 18_17_25-Jaked Rock & Roll Swim Cap - White


Day 9 – Jewellery:

Lovely Suz (of Manhattan Island relay fame) found this and what a cracker of a statement necklace!

The lady who makes these is a UK based open water swimmer, so she kindly gave us a discount code.


2017-11-04 18_20_37-Swank Jewellery — Mermaid Necklace


These earrings are subtle mermaid attire that wouldn’t look out of place at the formalist of dos.

2017-10-16 19_42_10-Mermaid Tail Earrings - Cherry Diva


This is a beaut of a necklace and another one that you can wear everywhere and anywhere.



Day 10 – Art:

Keeping it simple this year in the art department.  3 simple but splendid pieces.

First up is this lovely 3 piece from Betty Illustrates.



Next up is this stunner from Helo Birdie, which I (Manda) find enchanting.  Link below to all the pieces on Etsy as the first one we choose sold out and the below might do the same.  So get in there pronto if you want to bag one.



Finally, another corker of a find from Suz.  Considering we are all still waiting for this lido to open again, this might be the closest you get to London Fields Lido this Christmas.



Day 11 – Cold water swimming MUSTS:

When we asked Brian for something he thinks is essential for cold water swimming I (Manda) wasn’t quite envisaging this.  However, to be honest, if someone could put me in this post lido swim I would be a lot happier than in my more muted ensemble!

2017-11-04 18_51_23-MEN'S HIMALAYAN SUIT _ United States.pnghttps://www.thenorthface.co.uk/shop/mens-himalayan-suit-2

Now you rarely see me (Katie) dressed in something other than black, navy or grey and occasionally purple so I made the more predictable choice of this Lululemon jacket.  Now at £258 is it not cheap but we know from experience that Lululemon’s products always keep you super warm and last forever!


Keeping your head warm post warm swim is a must so we have chosen this  purple (Katie’s fav) hat as our choice for this year.



I suppose technically this should be in the book section but cake is an essential part of our lido/cold water swimming life.  As GBBO fans (even since the move to Channel 4!) we loved watching Martha bake for Britain.



Day 12 – Holidays:

Our annual “we hope our husbands read this and send us on one of these holidays” hint:

My (Manda) choice is once again a Swim Quest trip.  Despite the water being challenging, which a polite way for saying Baltic, this trip looks amazing.  Never going to happen but a girl can dream!

2017-11-04 18_18_16-LOFOTEN ISLANDS, NORWAY - SwimQuest Swimming Holidays


Katie’s choice is doing the escape from Alcatraz swim followed by some wine tasting in Napa Valley… this holiday she will be going solo on 😉 #sharks

2017-11-04 18_18_53-Swimming Holidays Alcatraz, San Francisco _ SwimTrek


Happy Holidays all!


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