Michael Phelps training kit review

This summer we got our hands on some of the new Michael Phelps “MP” kit to try.



Paddles (Katie):

We tend to swim outside for most of the summer making the most of lido, lake and sea swimming but once we were back swimming in indoor pools we were able to test out the paddles.


Over the years we have both suffered off and on from shoulder problems and therefore have pretty much stopped using hand paddles as we find they often cause us shoulder pain.  Despite this we were open to trying a different type of paddle and took our neon yellow MP Strength Paddle’s down to one of our regular Friday morning Team Mermaids training sessions at Ironmonger Row Baths.  After swimming 6 lengths moderate wearing them we both stopped and exclaimed to each other that we really liked the MP Strength Paddle.  I don’t know what made this paddle special but we definitely felt it help guide our stoke and encourage perfect technique without putting too much strain on our shoulders.  These paddles are definitely going to be part of our regular training from now on.

Note: we both wore a size small.


Goggles (Manda):

Again we couldn’t test these out during the summer season as the ones we have, have clear lenses and we tend to were tinted/polarised lenses outdoors.

They are woman specific ones so suit the narrower face, which is great as often we get leakage when trying to use ones designed as unisex, but really are more suited to men.

They do 2 of the styles in ladies versions.  The XCEED, which we tried and the K180.

We also love how they haven’t just gone “Ladies goggles, er let’s just do everything in pink and purple”.  The K180 ladies goggles come in blue with the clear lenses and the pink ones are partnered with a black strap so not uber pink!


Costume (Manda):

I tested the costume while swimming in Italian waters this summer.  The thin straps were great for swimming in the sunshine and the one I have has a great colourful pattern.




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