Hen do with Mermaids

Kate (@katelovesale) was away on training camp for my ‘official hen’ do so we had to have another hen do ‘mermaid style’. The day didn’t involve any swimming but it certainly involved lots of our other favourite activities.

The day started at Parkrun (@parkrun) in Richmond. For those of you don’t know Parkrun is an amazing organisation which operates free 5k run every Saturday morning all over the world. All you need to do is register on the website (below), get your barcode and you are good to go. For people who are a bit rubbish at running at running like us lot I think Richmond is a tough course as it has what I can only describe as a mountain in the final couple of ks. A great way to start the day though as I did a PB. Thanks to Karen (@runwithkaren) for all the hard track training over the winter.

After exercise it is important to refuel so with that advice in mind we headed to Hummingbird bakery for cupcakes. Manda and I recommend the red velvet cupcakes and the lemon and raspberry cake where as Kate is more a fan of the Chocolate cake.

From there we went to Yogahaven (@yogahaven) for a private lesson with Caroline. Yogahaven runs a variety of hot yoga classes. We are only beginners so we just had a basic classes. Poor Caroline had to put up with our general incompetence but having a private lesson was amazing as gave you loads of opportunity to ask questions, get the poses right and laugh at Suz!

Phone May 2014 663

After showers the final stop of the day was lunch at Gaucho sitting out in the sun stuffing ourselves with steak, fries, cocktails and wine. Perfect!

Phone May 2014 645 Phone May 2014 652

Thanks Merms for organising such a fun day out.





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