Why we love parkrun

Now Team Mermaids are swimmers which means that we are pretty rubbish at running but we do absolutely love parkrun. Parkrun is an organisation which operates 5km runs usually at 9am on Saturday in parks and commons literally ALL OVER THE WORLD. What's more the runs are FREE to enter! All you have to do... Continue Reading →


Winter ‘training’ – Part 1: Token scanning at Richmond Park Winter

A few weeks ago Manda blogged about our plans for winter training and today was our first activity - token scanning at Richmond parkrun. For those of you who don't know parkrun is a free 5k run at tones of parks and commons all over the world. Parkrun relies of volunteers to keep it going.... Continue Reading →

Hen do with Mermaids

Kate (@katelovesale) was away on training camp for my 'official hen' do so we had to have another hen do 'mermaid style'. The day didn't involve any swimming but it certainly involved lots of our other favourite activities. The day started at Parkrun (@parkrun) in Richmond. For those of you don't know Parkrun is an... Continue Reading →

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