Winter ‘training’ – Part 1: Token scanning at Richmond Park Winter

A few weeks ago Manda blogged about our plans for winter training and today was our first activity – token scanning at Richmond parkrun.

For those of you who don’t know parkrun is a free 5k run at tones of parks and commons all over the world. Parkrun relies of volunteers to keep it going. Manda and I have done a few parkruns in our time and we thought it was time to give back and volunteer (particularly as there is no running for me at the moment). There are a variety of jobs you can do and we asked to scan the runners bar codes and token at the end of the run.

I was very excited about this task and have been practicing my bar code scanning in the self service checkout at Sainsbury’s every time I go. When we arrived on the day though the weight of responsibility started to make us nervous, if we messed up the scanning order or missed someone we could mess up the whole results!

Fingers crossed it all seemed to go fine and we had a great morning in the winter sun. It was lovely to meet lots of other park runners, many of who thanked us for volunteering, as well as a few familiar faces. Our friends Ian and Mike were also volunteering – Ian was time keeping and Mike was on lead bike. Congratulations to our track buddy Sally who has completed 250 park runs and Clive who is due to complete his 100th park run next week on the Richmond Park Run’s seven birthday next week. Good luck Clive!

We finished our morning by taking a trip down to the Richmond Lululemon showroom for a spot of free yoga.

Katie waiting for the first runnerSunny Richmond morningMike of lead bike

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