Summer 2018: where to find us

The summer is fast approaching and we have started entering and planning our races for 2018.

The year is about one big event every month and then probably some smaller/local races when we can.

June – Lago D’orta:  I (Manda) am going to be tackling this without Katie. The 14km end to end swim of the Lago D’orta in northern Italy has been on my to-do for a while and after a short but lovely swim there last year, I decided 2018 was the year! Brian and David are coming along for the swim as well. I am already nervous!


July – Bantham Swoosh:  Despite both of us having several near disasters when trying to enter this, we finally managed to enter on one wet winter morning. It takes place mid-July at dawn. We have heard great things about this OSS event, so here’s hoping for a good swim.

August – Annecy: We haven’t entered this yet as entries, in true continental style, don’t open until April but we are planning on doing the 5km with a group of friends. I (Manda) did it last year with Brian and it was a lovely swim – see here.

September – Windermere: After mine and Katie’s 2 way relay and mine and Brian’s solo we are going for the solo again but dragging Katie along with us. This time not with Chill Swim or self supported but with

Also, there will be lots of Tooting lido action as normal, as well as lots ad-hoc adventuring with the families being dragged along!


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