Team Mermaids favourite swimming hats


We asked some of our Team Mermaids friends to tell us about their favourite swimming hat (other than the Team Mermaid hat of course) and the memories it inspires for them.



This is my swimming hat from when I was on the swimming team at the Cambridge University (many years ago know as you can tell by the state of the cap_.   I have swum many a race, including in the annual varsity match against Oxford University.  I also wore this hat when I was training for and competing in the 2000 Oxford Vs. Cambridge varsity channel swim relays.

This hat brings back so many great memories of setting PB, beating (and losing to) Oxford but mainly it remains me  of feeling part of a team and what its like to strive for and achieve something together.


Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH
Suz wearing the NYC SWIM cap

This was a hard choice, but finally decided on my NYC SWIM cap that I wore during our 2012 Manhattan Island Relay.  To me, like my Team Mermaids cap, it represents friendship and knowing when you push your limits, people are going to be there with you to help you succeed.  NYC Swim, Manhattan Island relays, taught me so much about myself and ultimately created a team of 4 women that will forever be friends as a result of this shared experience.

JOSIE (Find her here:


One of my favourite swimming hats (up there are my Team Mermaid hats, obviously!) is this Tunnocks hat. I got it during a fundraising drive by St Abbs Lifeboat Appeal, and I took it with me to wear under the event hat at my first open water 5k swim, in Loch Lomond during the summer of 2016. It was one of those rare swims where everything just comes together and you feel strong throughout. There was mist on the water and beautiful views when I looked up to sight and breathe, golden beams of sunlight were cutting through the loch, and it was just magical! We were also not a million miles away from the Tunnocks factory in Uddingston, so, when in Scotland…

LUCINDA (Find her here:

I have quite a few hats to choose from so shortlisted to my favourite 9(!!).

From this I picked a hat which, bizarrely, is the only one I haven’t swum in. It signifies my first Channel Relay(I have done 3 in total). I was in training for my first Channel Solo in 2012 and jumped into a spare spot with a group of guys and girls from San Francisco who were making a second attempt at  a relay crossing for the 2011 season, before flying home. It was late June and I had never swum in the Channel, let alone at night! I was second into the water and just jumped into the inky black water without much thought other than to swim for my 1 hour slot and help the team to France. I got so cold; I spent hours after my swim shivering and being sick but learnt so much that day… we got to France in 12 hours 47 mins and I was given a commemorative hat as a souvenir of my experience!

TRISH (Find her here:


My guides SwimTrek hat reminds me my favourite job in the world. Working for SwimTrek I would often have a short break after clearing up the group lunch. Being on the waters edge with sparkly blue water is perfect motivation to use my time wisely. With a 20min break I’d pop on my white hat and enjoy a tranquil 19min swim in the ocean before hopping back on board to Vaseline 30 armpits for the next group swim adventure.

ALICE (Find her here:

My favourite swim hat is from THREO, I met the ladies who founded it, a year and half ago at a triathlon expo, and I’ve worn it for every swim session and underneath each triathlon I do.

All the open water swimming triathlons give you a thin rubbery hat that pulls on my hair, so I always wear this hat underneath for warmth and good luck. I’ve so far worn it for:

2 x Henley Marathons (14km)

2 x Tonbridge triathlons

1 x half ironman

1 x full ironman

One side says ‘Threo’ the other says ‘Train hard, race easy’ which I really love and it’s good to be reminded of before each training session.

LAURA (Find her here:


Here’s my fav swimcap. It’s loud and always clashes with my cozzie. It makes early morning swims that much more fun when I can have a little laugh at myself outing it on each time.

BRIAN (Find B here: @brian_m_foley)

My favourite hat is my pink chillswim “bobble” hat.  Back in September 2014 a bunch of us travelled up to coniston to do chillswim coniston end to end:  Not only was this a great swim, and a fun weekend with friends, but also the free hat we got with our entries turned out to be my favourite hat :-).  I liked it so much, I even convinced one of the others on the trip (Manda? Kate?) to give me theirs, so I ended up going home with two.
I always used to get headaches on long swims from the pressure of my swimming hat (I have a big head!), but this one is XL, and avoids that problem nicely.  It also has little “pockets” built into it, which I’m sure trap air/water inside the hat to keep me slightly warmer on cold swims.  Plus its pink.
I’ve lost count of all the times I’ve worn it, but at least:
Coniston end to end
2Swim4Life 2015
Some of 2Swim4Life 2017 (before Katie told me off for not wearing my team mermaids hat!)

LEE (Find Lee here:


My favourite swim cap? That’s tough! I’d have to say it has to be my silver cap from the Triathlon European Championships in Düsseldorf,  2017. I remember standing with a good friend on the pontoon before the race looking down in to the Rhein and thinking “this water really isn’t clean! I’m so glad I have this cap on!” I finished 4th in that race and had the best swim time of the 2017 season. When I wear the cap now it reminds me never to stop pushing! I started representing GB internationally in Triathlon quite late in the game (three years ago at the age of 29) and I’m determined to improve. This cap is a reminder of how far I’ve come and how far I still have to go…

PIVO (Find him here:


Now I do not often wear a cap when swimming. If i do it is because I am in a race, or I am swimming in a pool that is cold, dam cold. So the cap I have chosen is one I received off a fellow kiwi channel swimmer. She had a few spares of these and so happily sent me one. I wear it from time to time, and have worn it in the Lake Zurich relay, as I thought it was nice to add a bit of international flavour. I am probably a little patriotic as well, and when I do wear it in the pool, it can be a conversation starter, and finally it is always good to daydream while swimming, and when wearing the cap, I am free to daydream about swimming for New Zealand.


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