Festive caps and cossies 2018

Here is our list for 2018 festive caps, cossies and other bits we have seen on offer!

Born to Swim

They’ve added some new designs for this year and they are beauts!

You can use discount code: MERMAIDS for 15% off




12 swims 4 mum

The proceeds from these caps go to Ovarian cancer so win win.


2018-12-12 13_43_22-Shop - 12 Swims 4 Mum.png


They have a variety of caps so just search their site but here is our favourite.


2018-12-12 08_53_37-Mailsports Christmas Ho Ho Ho Santa Silicone Hat


Uglies at Simply Swim

It was a sad time last year when uglies didn’t do any christmas cossies but they are back!


2018-12-12 08_49_00-Dolfin Uglies Dolfin Wonderland V2 Back Swimsuit _ Simply Swim UK

Funkita at Simply Swim

Not totally Christmassy but that means you can wear all year round!


2018-12-12 08_43_15-Funkita Pengoo Parade Single Strap Swimsuit _ Simply Swim UK


Same as last year from speedo.  You do currently get a free Christmas cap when you spend over £50 with them.




Too late for this year as they are made to order but always a good one to order in a sale for years to come!


2018-12-12 08_45_20-Christmas Tree Sweater Skinny Strap


No words needed!


2018-12-12 08_42_46-ASOS DESIGN _ ASOS DESIGN recycled 'sleigh all day' christmas slogan swimsuit in

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