HELP! Winter River Challenge

The 1st of April will signify that we have 30 days of the Winter River Challenge to go and we already know that we aren’t going to make it by this date, despite a last minute surge by some of the team (thanks Hilary!).

“Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your metres”

We have asked friends and family to help out but to be honest most of them don’t like swimming (I knoooooooow!) therefore, are unlikely to be that helpful!!  (We are looking at you Dom and Dennis!)

What can you do to help us? Swim!

You can donate 1 of your swims during April to us.

You can only donate 1 of your swims so make sure it is a good one.  That being said we are desperate so anything from 100 metres to 10,000 metres will be gratefully received and it all helps us get the final metres done!  Then let us know how many metres you swam during your swim session and we will add it to our total and ensure you get a mention in the final summary.

Let us know by either commenting below, tweeting about it with hashtag #winterriverchallenge, tweeting us at @teammermaids12, email us on or send a carrier pigeon.

Happy swimming.
Team Mermaids


Here is a list of what has been donated so far:



  1. Pauline Tester

    4,000m each donated on behalf of Colin Stringer & Pauline Tester from masters swim training this morning 🏊 good luck reaching your target. You can also have 3,600m each from Monday 21 March too.


  2. Hayley Reynolds

    Not quite as far as the other donations but you can have my 2.5km pool swim on 21.04.16. Good luck hope you make your target 😊


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