Winter Challenge update – half way! 31/12

The 31st December not only marked the end of 2015 but also the end of the first three months of the Team Mermaids 2015/16 winter challenge. We have just another four months left to complete the challenge.

Our challenge this year is to swim the distance of the ten longest rivers in the UK. The total distance is 2,347km. So after the three month point how is it going? Well in short not very well! To be on course to complete the challenge we would need to have completed 1,046km by 31 December 2015 and we have currently swum 539km between us. A massive 507k behind! Brian is currently leading the way with 107k swum, which makes him just 55k short of having swum the River Nene on his own. Katie is in second place having swum 103k.

So far we have swum the length of the River Nene and River Spey and are half way along the River Clyde.


So what are our plans to speed progress along?!

  • Eat more cake so we feel guilted into swimming more (although this has not been that successful in the past)
  • Tell Brian that Manda and I are beating him – he will then increase his swimming
  • The Team Mermaids pool crawl is making a return on 7th February – so we can make sure the others do more swimming!
  • We are attending the SwimForTri training weekend in April – that should be a few ks in the bag!
  • Swimathon – Kate, Manda and I are all booked in to do the Swimathon on 18th March.

Oh dear! I am thinking this might become with Winter Challenge 2016/17 as well!

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