Winter Pool challenge 2014/2015

I (Manda) mentioned in a blog that this winter we are going to be trying to visit as many new/different pools as possible this winter. It would be lovely to only go to new pools, however we have already done ALOT of the local pools so that is not really possible.  So until April 30th variety is the name of the game.

The criteria for the pool selection:


Unfortunately due to the distance we need to train and the ever decreasing temperature, it will soon be time for us to hang up our Wetsuits for the season, so this list only contains heated pools.  I am sure we will do something similar next summer with non-heated swim locations if we can drag ourselves away from our 2 favorite swim locations of Shepperton and Tooting Bec Lido for long enough 😉

Pool Length

I cannot/won’t swim in a sub 25m pool where possible, so we have kept it to >25m unless we felt that the pool was worth compromising.

Access for all

We all have to be able to go swimming so it has to be a swimming pool with public sessions/access.


In case you hadn’t noticed we live in London so the list is focused around that, however, if we are going to be else where we will definitely be trying out some out-of-London options.  Beau Sejour leisure centre Guernsey..I am looking at you! So here is the list of pools we put together (with help from Brian)










Our friends Kate, Lisa, Brian and Pivo, who have all been previously mentioned on blog or have guest blogged for us are also doing the challenge.  If you fancy trying to tick off as many of the above as well feel free or if you don’t live in London create your own list.  Let us know how you get on.

Here is how we are getting on:

Finally cake is super important to us so if you know somewhere amazing for cake and tea close to a pool that is on list then let us know.

Tweet us at @manda_sw and @katiekenny1804 or leave a comment below.

Happy Winter swimming.

Manda and Katie


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