Swimming Baby names

With both having had sons recently we know what an ordeal choosing a name can be but these days you can call your children pretty much anything, so why not be inspired by your favourite hobby and use a swimming related name.  Here are our favourites:

  1. Elaine.  Get it… A-Lane
  2. Catalina.  In honour of one of the Ocean’s Seven.
  3. Ariel. Our favourite mermaid.
  4. Byron. In 1810 Byron swam from Europe to Asia by swimming the Hellespont strait.
  5. Nemo. The captain in “20,000 leagues under the sea” and our favourite animated fishy friend.
  6. Paul.  Pronounced Pull or pool.   I’ll get my coat.
  7. Keri-Anne.  Team GB’s finest open water swimmer and our girl crush.
  8. Leander. The original Hellespont swimmer who swam to Hero nightly until on a bad crossing he met his death.
  9. Hudson. This river is part of the triple crown’s Manhattan Island swim that we did in 2012
  10. Dory. Another one from Finding Nemo but now she has her own movie she needs her own entry.
  11. Sprint.  Suitable for Katie, I (Manda) would have to use ‘Plod’ instead.
  12. Poseidon.  God of the sea. And horses..
  13. Boomer. If Michael Phelps says it’s ok, we say it’s ok!
  14. Nixie. Cute name meaning water nymph.
  15. River.  Made famous by River Phoenix – this is a great name for an open water swimmer’s offspring.
  16. Eddy. Not every Channel swimmers’ friend, especially not Lisa’s, but a lovely name all the same.
Max swimming
Katie with baby Max

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