Our favourite moments of the 2016 Rio Games

You wait four long years and then in the blink of an eye it is all over again (sob sob). We have loved watching the 2016 Rio Games. Here is a rundown of our favourite moments of the Games (in no particular order):


1. We might have had to set our alarms for 2.45am but it was worth it to watch Adam Peaty win Gold in the 100m breaststroke – absolutely smashing the world record along the way.

2. Even though Team Mermaids are both older siblings we kept our fingers crossed that younger brother Johnny would triumph over older brother Ali. Alas it was not to be but a 1, 2 finish for the Brownlee brothers was still epic.

3. Keri-Anne Payne’s commentary on the men’s 10km marathon swim. We have soft spot for Adrian Moorhouse and Andy Jamieson but it was amateur hour before KAP arrived. The BBC has to give that girl a job.

4. Usain Bolt just generally being Usain Bolt.

5. Lochte and fellow swimmers being held up at gun point aka #lochtegate. Who knows what really happened but you can always rely on Lochte to get into some sort of a scrape!

6. Mo falling and then GETTING UP to storm to victory in the 10,000m on the track.

7. Jess winning silver in the heptathlon. We know from personal experience how hard it is to come back from having a baby. While silver might not have been the colour she wanted we think she did amazing.

8. Keri-Anne Payne replying to our tweet #girlcrush #bffs4eva

9. Watching Simone Biles perform just about anything.

10. Our total avoidance of ALL social media for nearly 12 hours after the Phelps vs Lochte 200 IM showdown so we could watch it together. Not constantly checking FB, twitter and Instagram is hard.

11. A three way tie for second place!! Who would have thought it? Exciting times. Nothing, however, could rival the bromance of Phelps, Chad and Laszlo Cseh as they stood holding hands on the podium as they received their joint Silver for the 100m fly.

12. Nick Skelton’s gold. As Dara Torres says: age is just a number.

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