RG Active training race – July 2016

On Sunday 24 July family Kenny / Patrickson were up bright and early to head down to Ham Lake for one of the regular RG Active training races.

The training races are held three times a year and the format is very relaxed. The races start at 8am. You can either swim 1 lap (around 750m), 2 laps (around 1.2k), 4 laps (around 2.2k) or 6 laps (around 3.2km). You can register online in advance or just turn up and pay the £10 race fee on the day. You can decide how far you want to swim on the day or even while you are racing so if you are feeling strong you can stay in and vice versa.

Now I had not had the best preparation for the race as it was Lisa (of channel swimming fame) and Tom’s wedding the day before so we had rolled into bed at 1am slightly the worse for wear (or VERY the worse for wear in Dennis’ case). Max has no sympathy for a hangover however and he was up at 6am as usual. As I was up anyway I decided I might as well head down to the race. Dennis had to be bribed with the promise of a post swim breakfast though.

In the end I was glad I made the effort. The water was lovely and refreshing and I enjoyed plodding round my 6 laps. I was tempted to get out after 4 but I said to myself ‘what would Manda do?’ carry on of course so I did.

I finished in just under 50 mins which is hardly setting the world alight but I was happy with it given I was not at my best and had taken it quite steady.

It was really nice to catch-up with the RG Active crew as well. Anne (@annelovesthegym) was even sporting her Team Mermaids hat for the race. Max also enjoyed the morning playing with Oakley and Bijoux, Marsha and John’s dogs (or woof woofs if you are one and a half).

Later that day John was undertaking his fourth of seven challenges this year raising money for Bloodwise swimming and epic 200 x 100m off 2 minutes. Well done John!!

We would recommend the training races if you want a relaxed and casual race which allows you to practice all of the race elements you need for the big day such as sighting, mass starts and turning round buoys.

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