10 signs that you 💜 Open water swimming too much

1. You think that wearing and applying copious amounts of lube in public is perfectly acceptable.
2. You happily know what the acronyms CSPF, OSS, DYST mean but have no clue when people use FOMO, FWIW and IRL.
3. You buy clothes based on a criteria of 1) Will it keep you warm 2) will it be easy to put on when wet.
4. You’ve started to think Crocs are ok.
5. You consider going back to bed after open water swimming without having a shower.
6. The smell of wetsuit reminds you of summer.
7. You have to continuously cut your nails short for fear of ripping your very expensive wetsuit.
8. You wouldn’t get up at 5.30am to go to work EVER but it seems like a normal time to get up on the weekend for swimming adventures.
9. You order bodyglide in bulk.
10. You start every sentence with ‘this one time down at the lake/lido/Dover…’.

Thanks to usual gang for their ideas!

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