OW Swimming’s super weekend?

If you are a keen open water swimmer then the weekend of 3rd / 4th September 2016 has riches in abundance to offer in the UK.

1. You could swim the 5.25 miles from one end of Lake Coniston to the other in the Lake District.  (Saturday)



2. Or you could swim 10k down the Dart River in Devon.  (Saturday and Sunday)



3. You might prefer to swim in a circle, in which case you could swim the 6.5km around Brownsea Island near Poole. (Sunday)



4. If it is a new event you are after then you could try the Dock2Dock swim in London which takes you from Royal Victoria Dock through Royal Albert Dock and finally into King George V Dock. (Sunday)



5. If you prefer a fast venue you can swim a range of distances between 750m and 10k at Dorney Lake near Eton. (Saturday)



6. If Dorney Lake is a bit boring for you, you could nip next door and swim between 2k and 10k at Bray Lake.  (Saturday)



**Note this has been moved to the 21/8 so we hope to be there**

7. If you fancy something shorter and more of a team event then RG Active will be hosting their annual 3.2km relay down at Ham Lake (there is normally cake!)



8. You could swim NEARLY the length of Windermere.  We would personally recommend doing this properly rather than doing this event but the swim is a challenge whether fully doing Windermere or nearly doing Windermere.  (Sunday)


While it is great that open water swimming is so popular that there is enough of a demand to fill so many events on the same weekend, it seems a shame that they are not more spaced out so keen swimmers could enjoy more than one in a season.

Some of these races are iconic events and a highlight of the open water calendar, therefore, wouldn’t it be better if organisers made sure they put their swims on different dates?  Coniston and Dart are always on the same weekend but Brownsea has moved to be this weekend in 2016 (which we can only assume is tide related) but Dock2Dock swim is a new event to the calendar so presumably could have been on a different weekend.


That being said there is a possibility for doubling up.  The double up of Coniston and Dart is probably unrealistic but you could definitely do a Dorney/Bray swim on the Saturday and then head to either Dock 2 Dock or RG Active on the Sunday.  Anyone?

Team Mermaids Plan

So where will we be this weekend?  Team Mermaids will be up in the Lake District swimming Coniston.  As for 2017 who knows?!


  1. Jane Mitchell

    Or if you’re me you will be attempting the channel (weather permitting of course!)

    Jane 😊

    Sent from my iPhone so message may be brief.


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