Mini Merman

Over the last few months I have been taking little M to baby swimming lessons. We started when he was about 4 or 5 months. I had wanted to take him before but getting on to a baby swimming course in South West London is very competitive! In retrospect though I think it was wise to wait as he seemed to get more out of it being a bit older.

We have been going to London Baby Swim near Southside in Wandsworth. This has a specially designed baby pool which is maybe 5m by 5m and is warmer than your average pool thank god!

The lessons consist of nursery rhymes, floating around in different holds, teaching them to hold on to floats and the side as well as the dreaded dunking!

The theory is that the lessons teach babies water safety from an early age so should anything happen accidentally what they have been taught will kick in. I am a bit sceptical about how much Max could really retain at this age but he certainly has lots of fun. So much fun splashing that he generally manages to totally drench my hair which I am trying to keep dry. Clearly a mini merman in the making!

Max swimming

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