Winter Pool Challenge – the final results

Over the past six months Team Mermaids and friends have been taking part in the Winter Pool Challenge. The challenge was to swim in as many pools as possible before 30 April 2015.

The rules were:

1) The pool must be public so everyone can swim there
2) The pool must be heated – it is the winter pool challenge after all
3) The pool must be within the M25 to give everyone a reasonable chance of getting there
4) You have to swim at least 1k for the swim to count

The challenge has now finished and the final results are in! The table below shows the pools everyone has swum in and the totals. For details of all the pools and a map of their locations see our previous post.

In summary between us we have made 246 visits to a total of 65 pools spending c.£1,200 in pool entry fees! Manda is the victor having swum in a massive 54 pools. Katie came in second with 50 pools with Pivo third with 46 pools.

Overall the Winter Pool Challenge has been lots of fun – although I have to admit that driving 45 minutes to swim in pools when we have some lovely pools on our door step seemed slightly counter-intuitive.

I hadn’t realised how many pools there are in London – we have nearly 80 on the list and I’m sure there are many more. Generally I was very pleasantly surprised with the quality of pools. There has been loads of investment over the last few years and it real shows.

We have asked all of the participants of the Winter Pool Challenge to tell us their favourite and worst pools and will be giving details in a blog post shortly.

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