Winter Pool Challenge celebration and getting back to swimming outdoors

Chilly lido
Chilly lido

To celebrated nearly being at the end of the Winter Pool Challenge and the start of the open water swimming season, on Saturday Team Mermaids and friends went for a swim at Brockwell Lido with lunch and cake afterwards. Well I say all of us – Pivo ditched us in favour of trying to notch up more pools before the challenge deadline of the 30th April!

Lisa, Kate and Brian have recently come back from the SwimTrek long distance training camp in Mallorca so are used to this cold water malarkey. For Manda and I though this was our first dip in the cold water this year. While the lido was a tropical (for this time of year) 15.1 degrees it still felt pretty chilly! We are now looking forward (although with some trepidations) to lots of trips to Brockwell Lido Tooting Bec Lido and Shepperton.

Check out the blog next week for the results of the winter pool challenge.

Kate and Brian
Kate and Brian
Pivo and Max selfie
Pivo and Max selfie
Manda and her mermaid t- shirt
Manda and her mermaid t- shirt

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