Brighton Pier to Pier – July 2012: the one where I thought I had lost Suz

In an effort to get in some more cold water open water training before New York we decided we would do the iconic Brighton Pier to Pier swim. Manda couldn’t make the date and sadly Kate twisted her ankle earlier in the week so couldn’t swim. That just left me (Katie) and Suz.

The weather the day of the swim was awful, windy and wet with massive waves. There was discussion of cancelling the swim but in the end just delayed the start and cut the 3k swim down to 2k. To add to her pain Suz turned up with a massive hangover having been out with G the night before downing vodka redbulls. With a reputation for turning up late I didn’t tell Suz about the change in start time and when she arrived (late for the original start time) she was very indignant that she could have had an extra half an hour in bed!

Suz and Katie at the start of the swimAnd we're off!

The swim was really tough. There was only 6 people including Suz and I swimming in skins and it was pretty chilly and the waves and current made progress pretty difficult. I eventually made it round to the end and was greeted with a warm blanket. I then waited for Suz. Just as I was fearing she may have downed she emerged as cheerful as ever.

The swim behind us we set out for a night on the town. Suz and Dennis ambitiously booked us a Karaoke spot at 11pm but needless to we were well asleep before then!

Katie finishingSuz at the end of the swim

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