SLSC Tooting Bec Aquathlons

Every year Manda and I get very excited about the SLSC Tooting Bec Aquathlons…..and then we remember that we can’t run!

The race consists of 1k swim (11 lengths of the Lido) and then a 7.5k run (3 laps around Tooting Common). Now that is a very long run for two little swimmers. There are four races each year – one every other week from the end of May to the start of July on a Wednesday night with an 8pm start time so plenty of time to make it from work.

We generally manage to exit the water in the first couple of people but any lead generated is very quickly eaten up on the run. Last year a lady and her two children were marshalling the run course. ‘Look mummy there is the fast swimmer’ one the girls said to her mum and they all cheered supportively. However, as I slipped further and further down the pecking order the cheers became much less enthusiastic!

Despite my above moaning they are always really fun races staffed by lovely and supportive volunteers from SLSC. We are looking forward to next summer’s races already!



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