Top 10 tips for Pool Crawling!

We love a Pool Crawl so we have done a few and therefore, have self appointed ourselves as Pool crawl Presidents! So here is our Top 10 tips for Pool Crawling.  Thanks to our Pool crawling partners in crime Brian and Pivo for helping us with the below. Have a small purse/freezer bag with 20ps and... Continue Reading →


Tooting Bec Lido Sessions (100 yards)

Glossary: L = Length E = EASY M= MEDIUM H = HARD SR = Seconds Rest BP = Breathing pattern, so BP3 = Breathing every 3 4400 yds 10L WU -- 1L HARD 3L MOD 5L HARD 7L MOD 7L MOD 5L HARD 3L MOD 1L HARD -- 2L SWIM DOWN   3200 yds 4L... Continue Reading →

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