Donations to Winter River Challenge

Here are the donations (after our begging!) we have received.  Thanks to everyone who is helping out!  


HELP! Winter River Challenge

The 1st of April will signify that we have 30 days of the Winter River Challenge to go and we already know that we aren't going to make it by this date, despite a last minute surge by some of the team (thanks Hilary!). "Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your metres" We have asked friends and family... Continue Reading →

Introducing the Winter Challenge 2015/16

Last year during the winter (i.e. indoor) swimming season Team Mermaids and friends challenged ourselves to swim in as many pools in London as possible.  You can read about the challenge and our favourite pools here. Given how fun last year’s challenge was we have been racking our brains for a challenge for this year... Continue Reading →

Team Mermaids uber supporter

On the 29th June 2015, my Mum, Liz, Team Mermaids uber supporter, passed away. As I kid my Mum gave up nearly all of her free time driving me to and from Crystal Palace and various other pools on the SW and SE London areas. She spent a good many of her weekends at galas... Continue Reading →

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