Top 10 most memorable swims…so far!

This blog summarises our top 10 most memorable swims. We have excluded the ‘big’ races e.g. New York, Zurich etc. as while very memorable we have already covered these in other entries. We decided on what swims we were going to cover together but we as we often have very different perspectives on the swim... Continue Reading →


Dorney Lake 10k May 2012 – 10k swimming is an awfully long way

In 2011 Manda and I had done a lot of shorter open water races so we decided that 2012 was the year for a much longer challenge. We also need to do more long distance swimming in preparation for the Manhattan Island Relays in August. We therefore decided to do a 10km swim. 10km is swimming's... Continue Reading →

Mencap mile – where it all began

This is the tale of the first open water race Manda and I swam in together. We first met at a Monday night training session at Market Sports with the wonderful Keeley of Swim for Tri. We were both recently returned to swimming after long absences. I hadn't swim properly for 7 years and Manda hadn't... Continue Reading →

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