Crewing for the Channel

On Friday 14th August I got a text from Team Mermaids’ friend, Lisa Williams, saying that her Channel swim that was planned for the 1st week of September had been brought forward to start on Monday at 00:30. I knew this presented a problem as one of her crew members was Brian and he was... Continue Reading →


5k – 6k (5000m – 6000m) sets

These are ones we do ourselves when training for longer swims so add to as and when we do new ones. See also: 2.5 sets, 3k sets, 4k sets and if you are after more inspiration the Tooting Bec Lido sets can be altered to suit pool length/distance required. SET A 500 SWIM 400 PULL 300 DRILL 200 6... Continue Reading →

Waiting.. For the channel

Pivo here.. explaining to you what waiting for his channel relay has done to him! Note: as I publish this.. he is on the boat about to start his relay... Go cosmic rays!!! Well hello there, it is Pivo here, now I actually have a proper name, but well the mermaids choose not to use... Continue Reading →

Aspire Channel Relay 2014

Guest Blog here from Kate, who is one of the super Mermaids who swam around Manhattan with us.  She features regularly on the blog, as is often accompanying/ring leading mermaid adventures.  Hopefully she will be doing more blogs in the future...until then here is her great account of her channel relay for Aspire I feel... Continue Reading →

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