Sean Conway: Hell and High Water

Both Katie and I have just finished reading Sean Conway's 'Hell and High Water'. The book has caused much debate between the extended mermaid gang and Katie and I have exchanged numerous whatsapp messages as the tale unfolded while we were reading. Hell and High Water tells of Sean's attempt to become the first person... Continue Reading →


Touch the Wall: a tale of two swimmers

At Team Mermaids we love swimming and we love the cinema so when Brian invited us to go and watch the first international screening of Touch the Wall we were there! Touch the Wall tells the story of rising swimming star Missy Franklin and two time Olympian Kara Lynn Joyce as they prepare for the... Continue Reading →

Dara Torres: Age is just a number

Back in January Manda lent me a copy of Dara Torres' autobiography 'Age is just a number' for some post baby swimspiration. What with having a new baby and all I only just got round to reading it. I didn't know much about Dara before the reading the book but her tale is fascinating and... Continue Reading →

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