3k sets – a special 30m pool addition! (aka 100 length sets)

**UPDATED 06/05/17** On Friday mornings we can often be found at Ironmonger Row Baths near old street getting in some lengths before a hearty breakfast at Look Mum No Hands. IRMB is a 30m pool (well 30.5m really) which sometimes makes it a bit challenging designing sets. You need to get to the magic 100 lengths for a... Continue Reading →


Swimming Baby names

With both having had sons recently we know what an ordeal choosing a name can be but these days you can call your children pretty much anything, so why not be inspired by your favourite hobby and use a swimming related name.  Here are our favourites: Elaine.  Get it... A-Lane Catalina.  In honour of one... Continue Reading →

Cash for Gold

When I am not being a mermaid my (Katie) day job is being an executive compensation consultant.  I recently wrote this article for our newsletter about the incentives in sport and I thought you guys might enjoy it. The 2016 Rio Olympic Games saw Michael Phelps win his 23rd Gold and his 28th Olympic medal. ... Continue Reading →

A Mermaid’s Christmas Wish List 2016

Last year we had a great response to our wish list so we thought we would do another one for 2016... It is also serves as a massive hint to our husbands! Day 1 - Stocking Fillers/Gift wrapping The perfect wrapping paper for any swimmer's gifts is Nancy Farmer's.  Beautifully constructed swimmers give the illusion of snowflakes... Continue Reading →

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