10 weeks to go: Winter river challenge

Katie gave an update at the end of year on how our Winter River Challenge was going (here is a 2 word summary for if you haven’t read it..NOT GREAT) and with 10 weeks to go I (Manda) thought it was time for another short update and some stats. You can see from the below... Continue Reading →


Pool crawl: central London edition 2016

When we were doing the Winter Pools Challenge last year we came up with the concept of a “pool crawl”. This is essentially trying to visit as many pools as possible in one day. Last year we did the South West London edition of the pool crawl (Richmond Pools in the Park, Putney, Morden Park... Continue Reading →

Open water Swimming dictionary

This is a list of words/phrases that we use regularly when discussing swimming.  As you will see from the below it is probably not that useful! Thanks to the usual Team Mermaids support crew for suggestions:  Brian, pivo, Hilary, Lisa, Suz and Kate.   Acclimatisation: The act of screaming/whinging upon entering freezing (see below explanation) water.... Continue Reading →

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