Why we love parkrun

Now Team Mermaids are swimmers which means that we are pretty rubbish at running but we do absolutely love parkrun. Parkrun is an organisation which operates 5km runs usually at 9am on Saturday in parks and commons literally ALL OVER THE WORLD. What's more the runs are FREE to enter! All you have to do... Continue Reading →


Mini Merman

Over the last few months I have been taking little M to baby swimming lessons. We started when he was about 4 or 5 months. I had wanted to take him before but getting on to a baby swimming course in South West London is very competitive! In retrospect though I think it was wise... Continue Reading →

~4k (4000m) swim sets

**UPDATED 20/05/17** These are sets we are doing ourselves so will be added to as and when we do new sessions. See also: 2.5k sets 3k sets 5k+ sets A few abbreviations explained: SR -> SECONDS REST ALT -> MEANS ALTERNATING, therefore, one length one thing, one length the other. BUILD -> get faster over... Continue Reading →

Introducing the Winter Challenge 2015/16

Last year during the winter (i.e. indoor) swimming season Team Mermaids and friends challenged ourselves to swim in as many pools in London as possible.  You can read about the challenge and our favourite pools here. Given how fun last year’s challenge was we have been racking our brains for a challenge for this year... Continue Reading →

Essential pool kit

Unfortunately for us from the end of October...ok maybe beginning of October to April, cold water swimming just isn't possible due to the distance we need to train so we defect to the heated pools of London. Here is the essential bits of kit we use. Swimsuit There are many a name, Bathers (Guernsey), Togs... Continue Reading →

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