Lewis Pugh: 21 yaks and a speedo

I (Manda here... Katie was with me at the talk) have been aware of Lewis for some while. I mean you can’t really ignore a man who has swum at 90 degrees north aka the NORTH POLE, for no less than 1 kilometre and 18+ minutes and who decided it would be a great idea... Continue Reading →


Winter Pool challenge 2014/2015

I (Manda) mentioned in a blog that this winter we are going to be trying to visit as many new/different pools as possible this winter. It would be lovely to only go to new pools, however we have already done ALOT of the local pools so that is not really possible.  So until April 30th variety... Continue Reading →

Top 10 most memorable swims…so far!

This blog summarises our top 10 most memorable swims. We have excluded the ‘big’ races e.g. New York, Zurich etc. as while very memorable we have already covered these in other entries. We decided on what swims we were going to cover together but we as we often have very different perspectives on the swim... Continue Reading →

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