Guernsey 2014

There has been talk of the Mermaids going to Guernsey (where I’m (manda) from) for a while now and even talk of a Guernsey to Herm swim. So whilst Kate is training for her channel relay and me and katie training for Windermere, it seemed like a great time not to pack the wetsuit and head to the island with fellow ‘Murm’ Suz.

Unfortunately after many conversations with my dad re tides (still no idea, sorry Dad) and consulting Guernsey tri and my former swim club, Guernsey Swimming Club, we realised that the suitable weekends for a Guernsey-Herm swim weren’t going to work for us, so that was off the cards.

What we did instead was a lovely high tide swim a Pembroke / Lancresse on the Friday evening. The first thing that hit me was the salt. After becoming urbanised after spending too long in the lidos of London or the various lakes within London reach, diving in was a shock and ensured there was plenty of nuun quaffed afterwards. It was a short but sweet swim.

Next day we headed to Herm for a chilled out walk around the island and stopping at each of the kiosks for a tea / ice cream. We didn’t swim, despite taking our swim stuff and instead enjoyed just chilling out on the beaches.


In the afternoon we headed out for a kayak adventure with outdoor Guernsey around Portlet. Kate went in a solo and me and Katie opted for the ‘easy’ option of a 2 person kayak. I thought we would be good at this, being swimmers, er no! Apart from my total inability to steer, we also went very very slow and my arms burned after about 30 seconds. Lesson learnt. After 90 minutes of kayaking through the various rocks around Portlet, it was time to head to shore.

image image

On the Sunday we got up and headed for a walk from the bathing pools


To Fermain.


We went for a chilly dip at Fermain, much to the on looking tourists’ delight. It was such a peaceful swim and reminded me why I enjoyed swimming when I was younger and probably why I stopped as soon as I left Guernsey.

image image

image image


All in all a great weekend with a couple of short salty swims!

Manda @manda_sw


RG Active BlueSeventy Relays

The weekend before Windermere we headed down to Ham near Richmond for the first ever RG Active BlueSeventy Relays

The format is simple but not something I’ve heard of in the UK before. 6 laps of an approx 500m loop, where you have to change over after each loop and you can have between 2-6 swimmers per team.

As people who love making a sport that is normally seen as a solo endeavor into a team adventure, this was right up out street Lake

Due to training for Windermere, it was also a rare pre-Windermere opportunity to break out the BlueSeventy helix and go faaaast(er)!

We turned up and half 7 and registered (you can normally register on the day for RG Active events) then spent the next 30 minutes chatting to familiar faces and welcoming new ones.

At 8am we were off. I took the first lap and was swimming against the various west London penguin teams that had come along and some fast RG Active swimmers (even those who have only swum 3 times in 2014… You know who you are). I came out of the water 2nd 🙂 and then proceeded to complete the hardest part of the lap, the run to hand over. I say run, I shuffled and it must only be about 20m. Katie then powered her way through lap 2 into the lead where we stayed until the end!


I really enjoyed the event and everyone seemed to get into the team spirit.

After the event we both got back in skins to do a lap cool down.


Hoping that @rgactive might try squeeze in another one (hint hint John). Otherwise we will be back next year to defend our title!

Thanks to:

Manda (@manda_sw)